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Chapter 4


Chapter 3 is finished and submitted. I've spent too much time on it and I don't like it - the chapter and the waste of time. There are some good bits in it, but I think it's nowhere near what it's supposed to be.
My discipline is definitely down, J is super active during the day and leaves me completely knackered by evening song. He has finally discovered books today, and was occupied for half an hour, so This might be my new window for writing. I also try to do small things via tablet when I'm watching him, as he's getting more and more independent, so as long as I stay on the floor with him, he is fairly happy with me looking at the screen, coming from time to time for a cuddle.
Chapter 4 should be finished by the end of this month, but so far all I have is a plan and my conference paper. Not a lot, but I guess it's better than nothing. The most important part is to just sit and write. The hardest part. The most difficult part. Ugh.

Maybe I should start the day with a post and finish with one to have a writing wrap up of all my little writing sessions- it difficult to keep track otherwise.
And word count often does not always reflect the effort. It would be an interesting statistic to see the different ratios of time and word counts...

I can use lj to report, Moment Diary is a good log of sessions, as long as I remember to time them, and Textilus shows word counts.
Let the writing begin!

Ch2 Report


It's amazing how time flies. First seven days of May gone and I'm still at chapter 2, slowly moving towards the finish line.
I've been maintaining a steady pace with editing and I only have 700 words left to edit.

Current word count: 7 784

I'll finish editing tomorrow and then add a practical section on magic act. I don't need it to be long, but I want it to be representative. I can always add further examples if necessary.

The last two weeks of writing feel like a super-chore and my mind wanders in the direction of everything but writing. But come evening, I sit and write. And so there is progress.
I hate writing. I love writing. I need writing.

Today's word count is a success: 1032

Ch2 report


Thank you for your wonderful comments and your support- it kept me focused these past three days, even though life is still getting in my way, as usual.

J is teething, has a fever and a case of 'I need my mummy 24/7'.

But, following your cheering, I was adamant to do at least a bit every day.
I'm currently on day 6th of consecutive writing marking it diligently in my calendar.
Word count wise: it's been 1k alternating with 500 words. Yesterday a bit lower, just 300- but pushed through two difficult paragraphs and dug through books for all the missing references (finding a two page excerpt in a 600p novel takes a while!).

Hoping to finish the analysis of The Magician's Nephew tonight- it's fun but also quite complicated, so a fresh brain is required. I'm discussing it as a case of musico-literary intermediality as well as magic.

I need to make a plan for this week in terms of the rest of the chapter.
I'd like to tie the loose ends from the previous drafts and really dig into the magic act, but not sure whether I can fit it all by Sunday.
I've learnt with the previous chapter that something that sometimes looks easy-peasy and short ends up being long and something that looks long and complicated ends up being short and easy-peasy.

Off I go then!

Current word count: 4 783

Progress report week 2 chapter 1


This has been a few very eventful days.
I didn't make as big progress as I'd like, but it should be much more swifter now.
I'm on 7k at the moment, currently in Orlando for ICFA conference and today is my presentation. Should prove exciting.

I did the rest of my research last week so I could finish the chapter in Florida.

It has been very difficult to find time to write: packing, reading, migraines, my birthday, travelling, problems with our room, a backpack left at the airport (still not retrieved) and a surprise asthma attack which left me a bit high from the meds. I'm glad I had my paper done and printed ages ago. Phew!
Oh, and my iPad is stuck on the wifi less state, the update downloaded but not installed so updating to Dropbox might prove difficult. Ugh. Annoying.

The weather is nice though and I can't wait to take Joey for his first swimming in the pool after breakfast.

Day 3: words are a mystery


From what I can see, my linear word count is 774.
But my outline is finished. I went over it, editing, adding a bit here and a bit there and I have no idea how it is now 3,5k.
Where did I miss the count of the extra 1k? Is it possible that a daily write up just somehow added up like that?
Hmm... The case of a mysterious word count.

As I'm still not convinced I've reached my daily, I'll have a tea, give Joey his nighttime feed and sit again and start on the chapter outline.
It won't hurt, and somehow I feel very accomplished and happy to continue.

Day 1&2


Yesterday's wordcount: 1183
I thought this outline will take me till Sunday. I was wrong. I will finish tomorrow. There's only one section from ch.6 and ch.7 to write.
Sunday will be 'crating your books day'.

Games for Girls

I don't remember any interesting video games for girls when I was growing up.
Until I discovered Sims, I'd just played whatever my brother had.

Pregnancy and Academic Career

A very interesting article. 
Calmed me down a little bit.

It is still dark outside and I'm up. I'm even out of bed and in a branch of a local Starbucks. Since we've moved, I have no internet access, even my mobile internet rarely finds reception in the flat, so here I am. A mug of large coffee next to my Gnome Laptop and an internet connection. Blessed be all those places that give you free access to the web!

The chapter is submitted. I have a lot of reflections, but I'll give them a day to settle down.
I am in a very odd sort of mood.
I'm exhausted with the move, my various allergies and the lack of sleep over the course of editing.
I'm depressed, because my work did not turned out as glamorous as I pictured it in my head and it's far shorter than it was supposed to be. So much hard work, so much of my everyday disciplined writing and constant focus, and still, I am, as usual, lacking.
Right now I cannot see past the negatives, which is a rare thing for me indeed.
I haven't really had a chance to be jolly about the new flat. I'm a bit dazed with everything.
I need to rest. I need to do lots of stuff today. I need to write another chapter. I need to knit some rugs for the bathroom out of K's old T-shirts. I need a ton of boxes to unpack itself. I need to read a book.
My needs are great, but right now, I'll just go for a walk.
Over and out.